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Red Ginseng Extract Capsules

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  • South Korea South Korea
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Red Ginseng Extract Capsules

6 year red ginseng root extract mixed with plant contents, activated vitamin, ext. and it is product made as capsule for convenience of carrying and taking. Korean six-year old red ginseng extract product contains the compound rate of Raw Red Ginseng roots of 100% by decotion and concentrating the body


  • Contents : 6 year red ginseng extract (Red ginseng saponin more than 70mg/g, solid powder more than 60%)35%↓
    (Red ginseng root 70%, red ginseng tail 30%), vitamin Cdietary fiber, etc.
  • Package : 108g (About 180 Capsules)

Intake method

Take 3 times a day, once about 2capsules with water, and in case of kid less than 3 years old, may take 1/2 of dosage for the adult.

[Types of Ginseng]

The term ginseng refers to the species within Panax, a genus of 11 species of slow growing perennial plants with fleshy roots, in the family Araliaceae. These plants grown in eastern Asia, typically in cooler climates. The two major species are American ginseng (grown in the Midwest of America and exported to China) and Asian ginseng. Ginseng is known to be an adaptogen – adaptogens are substances that help the body to restore itself to health and to work without side effects.


[What is ginseng good for ?]

Relieve stress and fatigue. Ginseng works as a natural adaptogen in the body. This allows the body to accommodate to stress in a natural manner as a natural tranquilizer.

Boost mental efficiency. Ginseng contains many gensenosides that are able to boost efficiency in the brain and reduce mental fatigue.

Boost libido. Widely-known benefit of red ginseng is its effect on the libido. Ginseng can also increase estrogen production in women

Boost immune system. Because of ginseng's high amount of vitamins and minerals, it is believed to strength the body's immunity. It can also work as a natural detoxifier.

Lower blood pressure. Consuming a high dosage of ginseng can lower blood pressure. It can also be beneficial to those who suffer from hypertension.

Control blood sugar. Red ginseng reduces cortisol levels in the bloodstream, which helps promote insulin production. This is very beneficial in managing or preventing diabetes.

Treat arthritis. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, red ginseng can be a great natural-alternative to reducing the severity of rheumatoid arthritis.

Promote bodily balance. All ginseng varieties are classified as adaptogens. This is a terminology used for herbs that work to address any imbalances you have in your body.